Protecting colour that meanz beanz all over the world

We stepped in to help Heinz create colour consistency across their range, analysing and managing samples from printers around the world to make sure their iconic brand blue never gets diluted and has maximum impact on shelf.

The challenge

Heinz had been selling beans in a tin for 51 years, printing on paper labels only, so when they launched four new pack formats with three new substrates it was revolutionary. And challenging. Introducing variation in substrates, print finishes and printers caused a real issue; their iconic blue looked different on each product and one of their most powerful brand assets was being diluted.

What we did

Our graphics experts used our cloud-based colour management system to analyse prints from seven global printers, testing them carefully in our lab. We kept repeating this test over and over again, until each colour was a near-perfect match.

We then worked with our parent company Sun Chemical to advise the printers on the right inks to use to get the best possible result for their particular substrate, ensuring each variant was as close to the original paper label blue as possible.

Standardised brand colour across 67 countries

7 Printers brought in line

DE value now just 1.5

What we delivered

Printers use the ‘DE value’ to measure difference in colour that’s visible to the naked eye. A DE value of over two is visible and the target Heinz wanted us to achieve was three.

We did better than that – we got it down to 1.5. So when different packs printed on different substrates are placed side by side, the customer won’t notice any difference at all.