Thinking ‘outside the box’ to solve Dove’s on-shelf dilemma

Unilever was struggling to overcome a merchandising issue. Different stores displayed its Dove body wash in different ways and their current shelf-ready packaging just wasn’t working. So Sun Branding stepped in to create a clever packaging solution that was flexible enough to work with any shelf display, but that also saved packaging weight and cost in the process.

The challenge

Dove body wash was on sale in a number of retailers, all with different shelf space and merchandising plans. This meant shop floor staff were having to decant individual packs from the SRP rather than slotting it directly on to shelf, taking up more time and creating inconsistencies in how the product was displayed.

Unilever needed a clever, cost effective solution that worked across all retailers, and that also reduced packaging weight and cost.

What we did

First, we looked at the project with a completely fresh set of eyes. Often, our teams will work in-house with clients to get to know their business, but in this case, we purposefully didn’t find out what had gone before to ensure whatever solution we came up with was completely new.

Everyone says they ‘think outside the box’, but in this case, our pack science experts really did. They rejected traditional cardboard SRP and came up with a clear perforated film wrap, which could be split into different configurations quickly, and placed easily and neatly on shelf.

Packaging costs cut by 36 percent

82% Packaging weight reduction

Client ROI in just 2 years

What we delivered

We created a packaging solution that delivered what different retailers needed in order to display Dove in whatever configuration they needed, so there was no need to provide multiple SRP formats.

Plus, because the new packaging took away the need for cardboard packaging, we cut out 82 per cent of their packaging weight.

We reduced packaging costs by 36 per cent and the client got a return on their investment in just two years.